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As an artist, I primarily concentrate in the areas of Graphic Design, Web Design, and Video Production. In the marketing and research field, I focus in visual rhetorics, market analysis, SEO, content strategy, guerrilla tactics, and creativity training. My other areas of interest include animation, cartooning, e-commerce, UX design, academic writing, and nature photography.
After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Art and Design, I continued in academia to earn a Master’s in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. From these studies, I now have a solid foundation in media skills as well as media theories.

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I’m probably a little biased because she is my sister, but there is no denying that Kathryn is very good at what she does as a graphics and web designer, as well as her work in photography, videography and marketing. She designed my entire website and has provided the appropriate updates over the years. She has also done most of my photography for the site and various media publications in which I have participated. Lastly, she has been in charge of my marketing for over 10 years, and she is always my IT support when I need it. I certainly never would have gotten my business off the ground without her help. She is always diligent, punctual and precise with all of the work that I need from her (and I am her brother). I would venture to guess that she is even more timely and detailed with her other clients. If you are in the need of a graphic/web designer, photographer, videographer or just tech savvy freelancer with a wide array of skills, then you would be wise to hire Kathryn.

Brandon McDearis FMP, CHS Founder and Nutritionist for YourWay Cuisine

Kathryn did an excellent job redesigning our logo and re-branding our product. She was professional and had great ideas and insight into what would make our design better. We will continue to use her for upcoming projects and would highly recommend her work to others.

Regina Wagner, CEO CEO of Diversified Reporting Services, Inc.

Kat brought a completely unexpected, but totally perfect, angle to a project I brought her into. We needed an intro to a video and were considering the use of animated type. Her solution was creative, beautifully designed and the perfect way to grab the viewer’s attention. I would recommend Kat to anyone who wants to stand out through great design and fresh ideas.

Dave Perks Owner & Creative Director of The Perks Agency